survivor girl ukulele band project:

bringing restoration and hope
to survivors of human trafficking
through the healing power of music and love.

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cd project -- kickstarter link

your help is vital to this cd project; together we can make it happen!!

  • goal: $8500. lots of exciting reward levels.
  • we've got 30 days, and its an all or nothing campaign. (scary, but together we can do it!!)
  • thank you thank you thank you for your support -- and please spread the word!!
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thank you

thank you!!! “survivor girl ukulele band project 2017 — back to kolkata again!!” is bringing hope and restoration to survivors of human trafficking through the healing power of music and love — again, thanks to YOU!!! 

this is a three-peat six-month stint in kolkata — city of 14 million and a major world hub of human trafficking — and again i’m living and teaching ukulele at sanlaap shelter home for minor girls rescued from forced prostitution.

this past year survivor girl ukulele band project has established even more positive traction at the shelter home, and with the help of two very dedicated senior students as chota (small) teachers, there are twenty ukulele classes every week, and more than fifty new survivor girls have joined the band!!

in other big news, we’re making a cd!! eight of my top students have already spent a day at a local studio recording ukulele and vocal tracks for three songs, two of which the girls helped write! this is a huge source of empowerment for the girls involved — and a major inspiration for all the other survivor girls.

i hope you will spread the word and help bring this very meaningful short cd project to fruition. backed up by some of los angeles’s top musicians, you will surely enjoy hearing these girls sing and play. (i’m on the cd too! ; )

this year’s card was again block-printed and inspired by the survivor girls. the poignant lyrics for one of the songs on the cd includes this line: “one two three i wanna fly” — because while there’s safety here, it’s also a type of cage. and yet when they fly from here, where do they land? where do they land?

the answer is happy and sad and complicated, so i’m very pleased to announce that one of these girls who has flown has landed a part-time job with survivor girl ukulele band project, teaching ukulele to survivor girls at two small shelter homes nearby. wow. this is a dream that you helped make come true!!

other highlights from this year include a ukulele performance for a swedish ambassador; and amazing ukulele volunteer sadie preval from new zealand, who was here for a fabulous five weeks and produced a delightful talent show.

and you. you are a vital part of survivor girl ukulele band project. thank you thank you thank you for your friendship and financial support, your prayers and words of encouragement, and all the lovely love you send. 

thank you for joining the band.

current financial needs

as of september 2017, $8348 has been raised toward my budget of $17,500 for my next six months in india.

in addition, we need $8,500 for the upcoming cd project that i hope to complete and send out before i return to india in january 2018.

its a big hill to climb, but together we can do it! your dollars go a long way in india, and every donation, no matter how big or small, makes a difference!!


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 uke it forward® brochures, fliers, and handouts are available for download at the uke it forward page!

join the band -- and uke it forward® for survivor girl ukulele band!!!

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