would you like to help survivor girl ukulele band project in a fun and tangible way?!!

uke it forward® for survivor girl ukulele band!

-- a global invitation to bring healing and hope to survivors of human trafficking in india through your ukulele

join the band!

uke it forward® for survivor girl ukulele band is our world-wide invitation to all ukulele lovers, ukulele jams, ukulele orchestras, ukulele clubs, and ukulele superstars to uke it forward® in support survivor girl ukulele band project.

following are the uke it forward® brochure and customizable flyers. 

download the pdfs (available in us letter or a4 size) -- and create your unique event!!

contact us regarding your event, and we will send you survivor girl ukulele band stickers for everyone who participates!!

and thank you thank you thank you for joining the band!!! 💟 💟 💟

uke it forward® is a registered trademark of survivor girl ukulele band.

all documents are copyrighted and to be used for the sole purpose of a uke it forward® for survivor girl ukulele band event or promotion.