survivor girl ukulele band project:

bringing restoration and hope
to survivors of human trafficking
through the healing power of music and love.

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sgub 2016 -- back to kolkata!!!

for 2016 i return to kolkata -- a major hub of human trafficking -- 

bringing lots of love and teaching ukulele

to survivor girls at the shelter home of sanlaap india.


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join the band!!!

to date, with the help of two awesome ukulele festivals and three lovely benefit concerts, and some generous kind strangers, and lots of dear friends and family, i have raised $14,000 -- 70% of my $20,000 budget for survivor girl ukulele band project 2016.

sgub milestone! survivor girl ukulele band kolkata has already performed nine times!!!

in 2016 i plan to bring some of the sgub girls into the recording studio and make a short CD!!

and i'd also like to take a bengali -- the main language in kolkata -- language course!! it would help me tremendously in communicating with the survivor girls!!!                                                           

please consider joining the band and investing in the lives of survivor girls in india!

your tax deductible financial support helps make sgub history, providing funds to hire a few top students as part-time sgub employees! they are "chota teachers" -- little teachers -- and they direct practice sessions as well as help teach the new beginner ukulele classes.  

another essential way to support survivor girl ukulele band project is through your friendship and love,  which i need every minute of the day!!!

and one more way to support sgub is to tell a friend! spread the word about survivor girl ukulele band project or even host a fundraiser -- and invite others to join the baaand.




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