survivor girl ukulele band project:

bringing restoration and hope
to survivors of human trafficking
through the healing power of music and love.

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sgub 2017 -- back to kolkata again!!!

for 2017 i will return to kolkata -- a major hub of human trafficking -- 

bringing lots of love and teaching ukulele

to survivor girls at the shelter home of sanlaap india.

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survivor girl ukulele band project 2016 -- back to kolkata!!! was the best yet!! six months of go go go!!! -- with a major performance scheduled for two short months after i arrived. the girls did great and had a blast. then we got ready for another performance! survivor girl ukulele band has performed ten times in kolkata!! 

the girls have also performed at two talent shows that were produced at the shelter home.

in between we had a number of "ookun jao!" (lice go away!) parties. (read about that on my blog!

i also traveled to dhaka, bangladesh, and brought ukuleles to some sgub students who were repatriated while i was in the usa. it was such a joy to see those girls again!!

and on my very last day in kolkata, i brought eight girls to a recording studio! we recorded tracks for three songs!!

and now it's time to raise support for survivor girl ukulele band 2017 -- back to kolkata again!!! to date i've received almost $10,000 in donations toward my $20,000 budget -- which includes costs for professional musicians to back up the survivor girls.

SGUB UKE IT FORWARD e-flier-1.jpg

this year we're inviting people around the world to help bring healing and hope to survivors of human trafficking in india through our grassroots campaign called "uke it forward"!!

uke it forward for survivor girl ukulele band is the first annual world-wide campaign inviting all ukulele lovers, ukulele jams, ukulele orchestras, ukulele clubs, and ukulele superstars to hold an event to support survivor girl ukulele band project.

 uke it forward brochures, fliers, and handouts are available for download at the uke it forward page!

join the band -- and uke it forward for survivor girl ukulele band!!!

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