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tune in! we're going to be on the radio!!

this is your chance to hear our recently released cd, "survivor girl ukulele band -- volume one" live-streamed on the radio!!!

who: bj muus, the great grandson of the founder of my alma mater, st olaf college, has his own radio show in northern minnesota!

what: listen to bj's "sounds of the spirt" radio show, and hear "survivor girl ukulele band -- volume one" on the second half of his show!


when: sunday night, september 2, 2018. program goes from 9:00 - 10:30 pm. the "survivor girl ukulele band -- volume one" portion will be on the second half of the program. (the first part of the program will be "sing for joy" prepared by st. olaf college. they're pretty good, too.)

why: bj found out about sgub through a small blurb in the st olaf magazine and has become a steadfast supporter of the project. hurrah!!